6-14.1'' automatic ink-jet printing machine

6-14.1'' automatic ink-jet printing machine

       MFQ-G14J-A is a device for automatic bar code scanning, jet printing and reading. The main processes are as follows: 1. A workpiece enters the bar code scanning and jet printing device; 2. Perform alignment, bar code scanning, jet printing and reading on the workpiece automatically; 3. Perform sorting and discharge on NG workpieces automatically. The device is stable and reliable in operation and easy to maintain.

(1) A workpiece is automatically aligned on the roller conveyor line.

(2) The three-side clamping positioning method is used.

(3) The scanner and the ink-jet printing machine head are manually adjusted, which is convenient and fast.

(4) Touch screen operation.

(5) All parts can be separately operated in manual mode to facilitate an adjustment to the machine.

(6) Vacuum air pressure detection alarm.

(7) Audible and visual alarm function.

(8) Alarm records are saved for query at any time;

(9) At least 100 groups of recipes can be saved.

Product Line Name 6-14.1'' automatic ink-jet printing machine

> 8'': ≥ 500 pcs/h

6-8'' (6 '' and 8'' included):≥ 800 pcs/h

LCM Dimensions

Max: 14.1'' (Y-axis direction: 215 * X-axis direction: 313) mm

Min: 6'' (Y-axis direction: 75 * X-axis direction: 81) mm   

​ Overall Dimensions Overall line length: 1,172 mm

Overall line width: 1,499 mm

Overall line height: 2,081 mm

Overall Line Weight 200Kg 
Air Source Pressure: 0.5-0.8 Mpa
Air consumption: > 200 L/min
Power Supply ​Single-phase 220 VAC/50 Hz  
Rated Power 2KW
Vacuum Source Vacuum pumping speed ≥ 100 L/min; negative pressure 0 to -100 kPa

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