5-17'' Automatic Grinding, Cleaning and Laminating Production Line

5-17'' Automatic Grinding, Cleaning and Laminating Production Line

​       ​​It is applied to the cleaning of medium-sized LCD surface and the lamination of polarizers. The CCD alignment method is used.

       ​The automatic cleaning and laminating production line mainly consists of a tray/cartridge feeding machine, a glass cleaning machine and a polarizer laminating machine. The automatic polarizer laminating machine is designed to automatically mount various polarizers on substrates. The glass cleaning machine is designed to clean the surface of glass after cutting so as to facilitate mounting and other processes. No manual operation is required halfway. This production line automatically finishes the entire process of LCD glass cleaning and polarizer laminating.

​(1) Online production reduces defects caused by intermediate links;

(2) The automation is high and the efficiency and yield are improved greatly;

(3) Adhesive substances and organic matters on the LCD mirror surface such as Glue particle/glue trace/glass powder can be cleaned;

(4) The cleaning part uses a frictionless magnetic wheel for conveyance to avoid dust generation and glass pollution. The servo motor cooperates with the synchronous belt to achieve accurate conveyance;

(5) Halfway secondary pollution on glass is reduced, thus guaranteeing the laminating cleanliness better;

(6) Glass cleaning and polarizing laminating are finished at a time, thus reducing manual operation;

(7) High intelligence. The commissioning of the complete machine is finished in the touch screen and the commissioning parameters are digitized;

(8) Glass formulas of multiple specifications can be saved and the line changeover speed is fast;

(9) It can be automatically connected to various equipment in the industry such as COGs, FOGs and feeding machines.

Product Line Name

5-17'' automatic grinding, cleaning and laminating production line


5-12'': 8s/pcs 

12-17'': 10s/pcs

Glass Requirements

Max: 17'' (Y-axis direction: 270 * X-axis direction: 410) mm

Min: 5'' (Y-axis direction: 80 * X-axis direction: 112) mm

Polarizer Requirements

Max: 17'' (Y-axis direction: 270 * X-axis direction: 410) mm

Min: 5'' (Y-axis direction: 80 * X-axis direction: 112) mm

POL thickness: 0.1–0.3 mm

 Polarizer laminating precision
(Visual alignment)

X-axis direction: ±0.1 mm (Product factors excluded)

Y-axis direction: ±0.1 mm (Product factors excluded)

Overall Dimensions

Overall line length: 11,000 mm (Discharge belt line included)

Overall line width: 2,820 mm                             

Overall line height: 2,350 mm (Tricolour light height included)

Overall Line Weight 6000Kg 
Air Source

Pressure: 0.4-0.7 Mpa  

Air consumption: About 3,000 L/min

Power Supply

Feeding machine: Single-phase 220 VAC;

Cleaning machine: Three-phase 380 VAC;

Laminating machine: Three-phase 380 VAC;

Rated Power 14.5KW (Feeding machine 2.5 KW, cleaning machine 4 kW, laminating machine 8KW)
Vacuum Source

Vacuum pumping speed ≥ 600 L/min

Negative pressure 0 to -100 kPa (The device is equipped with a vacuum pump)

Water Source

Water pressure: 0.2-0.4 Mpa;

Water consumption: About 25 L/min;

Provided by the factory, ultrapure water, resistance ≥17 MΩ

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