3-18'' Automatic Three-in-one Dispensing, Curing and Caching Line

3-18'' Automatic Three-in-one Dispensing, Curing and Caching Line

       The automatic dispensing, curing and caching line is mainly applied to medium-sized LCMs. The CCD alignment method is used. Silver paste and linear glue share one platform. The line consists of an automatic dispensing machine and a curing and caching machine. The automatic dispensing machine can finish the gluing of silver paste, linear glue (FPC protective glue) and step protection glue (IC protective glue). The curing and caching machine can finish the curing of tuffy glue and silicon glue. The loading and unloading belt can be connected to the production line or upstream and downstream equipment.

(1) FPC linear glue is dispensed from top to bottom to ensure ease of commissioning, stability and reliability;

(2) A precision dispensing valve is used to ensure stable and fast glue flow;

(3) IC protective glue uses an EFD injection valve to effectively control the glue width and thickness;

(4) The LED curing lamp has a service life of more than 20,000 h and a high efficiency without any pollution;     

(5) Product positioning uses the OMRON intelligent CCD system with high precision and fast speed;

(6) Touch screen + PLC control to ensure stability and reliability;

(7) Residual glue on the needle is automatically wiped away with a dust-free cloth winding device, which makes the online equipment more intelligent;

(8) FFU air blowing is provided on the side to accelerate the curing of glue;

Product Line Name 3-18'' automatic three-in-one dispensing, curing and caching line


Product Dimensions



Gluing Movement Precision  

(Visual Positioning)

±0.1 mm
FPC Length ≤180mm
Overall Dimensions

line length: 4,500 mm (Discharge belt line included)

Overall line width: 1,430 mm

Overall line height: 2,100 mm (Tricolour light height included)

Overall Line Weight 4000Kg 
Air Source

Pressure: 0.4-0.7 Mpa

Air consumption: About 400 L/min

Power Supply

Dispensing machine: Three-phase 380 VAC;

Curing and caching machine: Single-phase 220 VAC

Rated Power 6 kW (Dispensing machine 4 kW, curing and caching machine 2 kW)
Vacuum Source

Vacuum pumping speed ≥ 500 L/min

Negative pressure 0 to -100 kPa (Vacuum pump)

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