Dispensing Machine – Residual Glue Processing Technology

       With the market popularization of automatic dispensing machines, they face various problems. One problem is about poor gluing when the amount of glue is less than a certain amount in the automatic gluing operation of packaged silica gel. This is related to the change of the amount of glue, pressure, flow and other factors.

Due to the manual operation of the machine during the traditional semi-automatic operation, if such a problem is encountered, the operator will promptly deal with it by increasing the air pressure or replacing glue to ensure the product yield.

       The purpose of the automatic dispensing machine is to save labor. We add a glue load cell and a glue cache device according to the glue characteristics and automatic operation requirements. The glue load cell detects any weight change of glue in real time. When glue is less than a certain amount, the device will give an alarm for glue replacement. The glue caching device can effectively prevent any unstable gluing when the glue amount is small. Because the load cell has prompted the replacement of packaged glue, continuous and stable glue application can be ensured by adding glue inside the caching device.


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